Iterative approach to the process of geological modeling on the example of Devonian deposits of Garshinskoye field

Authors: R.O. Kornikov, M.A. Grischenko (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Key words: live simulation model, iterative modeling, sedimentary analysis, Garshinskoye field.

Iterative approach was proposed to making live simulation models (geological part), which enables the following on expedient basis: identification and elimination of source data uncertainties; new wells drilling support; making of targeted program for additional surveys at project’s initial stage; adjustment of the field’s development strategy.

1. Baraboshkin E.Yu., Prakticheskaya sedimentologiya (terrigennye kollektory)
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University, 2007, 154 p.
2. Chernova O.S., Litologo-fatsial'nyy i formatsionnyy analiz neftegazonosnykh
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