Study of boundary layers of oil and water in the case of reservoir floodin

Authors: A.A. Zlobin (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, RF, Perm)

Key words: residual oil saturation, NMR method, boundary layer of bound oil, surface wettability, viscosity, asphaltenes, resins.

The article presents the results of complex NMR-study of natural and model oil boundary layers properties on the surface of the pore channels of reservoir rocks after flooding. It is found that the thickness of the boundary layer is a function of permeability, residual water, wetting and surface temperature. It is shown that asphaltenes are the main components of the anomalous boundary layers of oil in the pore channels of the collectors. To minimize the thickness of the boundary layers of oil the effect of thermal, chemical, acoustic and magnetic influence is investigated. It is shown that the maximum effect is observed in the thermal and acoustic methods, in which the effectiveness is a function of the external energy input.


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