May 2011

Geology and geologo-prospecting works

V.A. Bajkov, A.S. Bochkov, A.A. Yakovlev (RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC)
Accounting of nonhomogeneity in Priobskoye field geological modeling and simulation

New approach to geological modeling and simulation on the base of spectral representation of physical fields is considered. The issues of geological heterogeneities involving into models of high-compartmentalized and low-permeable reservoirs are examined. The suggested approach allows to create the cycle of geological modeling and simulation and take into account external information under geological model construction and correction.

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T.M. Mamedov, D.N. Levin, K.S. Savichev ( Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
The method of geological and hydrodinamical modeling on basis of the detailed separation of lithotypes and petrophysical dependences from effective porosity

Geological and hydrodinamical modeling of the Mayskoye oilfield (layer BS11) on basis of the detailed separation of lithotypes and petrophysical dependences from effective porosity is presented in this work. Two variants of three-dimensional model of lithology was created. In view of an adaptation of the hydrodinamical model good convergence was received for the variant of the model with separation on three lithotypes and petrophysical dependences from effective porosity, because of taking into account properties of solid sandstones is very essential factor.

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V.I. Galkin, I.A. Kozlova (Perm State Technical University), T.V. Karaseva (Perm State University), S.E. Bashkova (KamNIIKIGS OAO)
Probabilistic assessment of oil and gas occurrence prospects in deep-sunk deposits in Perm region

Statistically distributed zonal and local assessment of  the Riphean-Vendian rocks oil and gas occurrence prospects was carried out subsequent to the results of the Riphean-Vendian rocks’ chemical-bitumenological, pyrolitic and geological parameters distribution.

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S.O. Averin, Yu.N. Shabaev (Surgutneftegaz OAO), I.A. Bogush (South Russia State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute))
Possibility of application of the method of magnetotelluric sounding in the areas of geothermal anomalies to detect hydrocarbon traps of the pre-Jurassic basis and in a basement

The method of magnetotelluric sounding and analysis of areas of geothermal anomalies in the industrialized oil-ledges of the crystalline basement and pre-Jurassic base on the territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk (Western Siberia) is considered. The results of these studies will improve the efficiency of oil and gas exploration in the basement and the pre-Jurassic base.

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Drilling of chinks

Kh.V. Gazizov (Scientific and Production Enterprise BURINTEKH LLC), E.L. Malikov (BashNIPIneft OOO)
On the method of test of expanding oil-well materials

The factors affecting the strength parameters of cement stone of expanding oil-well materials are considered. The effect of temperature and time of cement slurry being in motion on the properties of oil-well material with an expanding additive of SIGB brand is investigated.

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Working out and operation of oil deposits

R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan State University)
Problems of modernization and elaboration of innovative technologies of fields development in connection with a significant change of the oil industry resource base

The causes of the oil recovery ratio reducing over fields in the country are considered. The need to develop a new strategy of works to increase the reproduction of mineral base and the efficiency of oil field development is noted. Priority measures for providing the forward development of the petroleum industry are given.

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А.А. Bokserman, V.N. Vlasov, A.S. Ushakova (Zarubezhneft JSC), V.I. Kokorev, O.V. Chubanov (RITEK OJSC)
Field exploration of the in situ oxidation process due to thermal-gas effect on the Bazhen’s series deposits

The challenge of the Bazhen’s series deposits industrial development by thermal-gas method is discussed in this paper. The field exploration of thermal-gas method and laboratory were made before the pilot project performance. The composition history of gas and oil phases during the air injection period is presented. In-situ oxidation process due to thermal-gas effect is confirmed by the field investigations. One of the most significant results is the absence of the oxygen in associated gas which proves the fail-safety of further pilot project performance.

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V.V. Zatsepin (Gazpromneft NTC LLC)
The formation of gas hydrate deposits at the bottom zone of injection wells during gas flooding

The question of reducing of the gas intake capacity of injection wells in the process of gas injection into the reservoir is considered. Data presented in this paper shows that this phenomenon can be explained only by the process of water clathrates generation in a porous medium of the well bottom zone of the formation. The features of an oil gas injection into the formation and its impact on the processes occurring in the well bottom zone are analyzed.

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A.V. Starkovsky (VNIIneft OAO)
An integrated use of physical-chemical impact technologies for the enhanced oil recovery

An integrated use of the technologies for the redistribution of injected water and produced oil flows for enhanced oil recovery, as well as technologies to increase the intake capacity of injection wells and stimulation of producing ones is considered. A set of technologies based on gel-forming compositions (GOS-SN) and various surfactants is developed. The results of introducing technologies of redistribution of filtration flows and intensification of oil recovery are presented.

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F.N. Domanyuk, A.B. Zolotukhin (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Productivity estimation of the well with straight-line profile in anisotropic reservoir

In depth analysis of literature shows there is no adequate PI correlations for slant wells with arbitrary position in anisotropic reservoir. On the basis of superposition principle and method of images new analytical solution for productivity evaluation of straight-line oil well has been developed. It’s shown, that simple analytical solutions could predict straight well productivity under steady-state conditions with great accuracy – relative error does not exceed the value of 4 %.

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Yu.A. Kashnikov, A.A. Sogorin, E.S. Bogdanets (Perm State Technical University), R.M. Ishmukhametov (LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft OOO)
Monitoring of horizontal and vertical movement of ice-resistant marine platform at Yu. Korchagin oil field development

The results of mathematical modeling of processes of rock massif and the Earth's surface deformation during oil production at the Yu. Korchagin field are given. The basic principle of geodesic monitoring system construction is determined and the results of the first series of observations are given.

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Technics and technology of oil recovery

O.M. Garipov (New Oil Technologies NPO OOO)
A rapid method of calculating the flow rate by pressure differential in the wells with simultaneously-separate water injection in several operating objects

Terms and definitions, used at the rapid calculation flow rate of liquids and gas, including at the simultaneously-separate injection and simultaneously-separate production, are given. The fluid flow rate calculation in accordance with GOST 8.563.1-97 is executed.

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I.M. Salikhov, R.R. Akhmadullin, R.F. Ablyamitov (Nurlatneft NGDU Tatneft OAO)
Hydromechanical slot perforation - an effective way of shallow productive strata opening

Hydromechanical slatted perforation has a variety of technical advantages over the traditional methods of simulated completion. The execution of tailing-in during well-workover operation using hydrodynamic slatted perforation allows to complete the well, after shutting-down of watered strata and in commingling of oil-filled formation under slight shale breaks and slight cement zone behind the column, and obtain dry crude oil by means of reducing the dynamic loading on the cement stone behind the column. At the same time, the degree of perfection with respect to the well completion method increases, what influences the increase of formation flow rate. Effectiveness of the aforementioned method is confirmed by the results of its use on the oil fields of Oil/Gas production department of «Nurlatneft».

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The oil-field equipment

G.M. Sorokin, V.N. Malyshev (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
On creation of high-strength, wear resistant steels

Aspects of the question of strength, wear resistance and durability increasing of one of the main structural materials in petroleum engineering – steels are being viewed. The causes of low durability of equipments and tools used in the oil, gas and other industries of production are being analyzed. The organizational and scientific ways of improving the properties of steels are being indicated and various ways to improve of steels strength characteristics are being offered for choosing from them the most wear-resistant and durable.

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Information technology

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Transport and oil preparation

L.P. Pergushev (TatNIPIneft)
The calculation of fluid viscosity effect on the characteristics of a centrifugal pump

The unified analytical formula for taking into account the fluid viscosity effect on the characteristics of a centrifugal pump is proposed. It is supposed to use formulas at solving optimization problems on reduce costs in oil gathering system, for example, for determination of the optimal demulsifier consumption in the oil gathering system, which provides a minimum energy and demulsifier costs.

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Ways to enhance the reliability of field pipelines

The problems of prevention of accidents, incidents during field pipelines operation and their reliability growth are considered. A method for safe operation of gas complex pipelines, which can be used at design, construction and operation of pipelines of all purposes and forms of ownership, is developed.

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