February 2011

The oil and gas industry

To the 100 anniversary from the date of N.K.Bajbakova's birth

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The basic indicators of work of oil and gas branches of a fuel and energy complex of Russia for 2010

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Standardization and technical regulation

N.A. Andreeva, O.I. Isachenko (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Self-regulatory organization - an effective mechanism for solving the problems of modernization of the national economy

An example of the activity of self-regulatory organization German Scientific and Technical Association for Gas and Water, founded in 1859, is given. On the operational experience of the Association some peculiarities of modern self-regulatory organizations are dedicated. The results of the self-regulatory organizations activity in the world practice are given. The peculiarities of the Russian model of self-regulatory organization are considered.

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Economy, management, jurisprudence

K.M. Parovinchak, M.S. Parovinchak, I.S. Afanasjev, K.E. Latkin (Oil Company Rosneft OJSC), A.I. Fomin (Tomskneft VNK OJSC)
Economic assessment of the strategy of oil-gas-condensate deposits integrated development in Tomsk region

In order to involve into development the reserves of non-developed fields, located in the same area (Tomsk region), we propose the consolidation of license holders’ efforts. Only such approach allows to bring on development small (uneconomic) reservoirs, exclude duplication of design and construction works, which can lead to unjustified investments and capital costs. Accepting one single strategy, there is a possibility of share holding in field construction on mutually beneficial conditions for all concerned parties.

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Zh.A. Maslennnikova (Deloitte&Touche CIS)
Switching to International Standards of Financial Accounting use: consequences in the oil and gas sector

Technical nuances, arising when introducing the ISFA in an oil and gas enterprise, are opened. Basic variants of switching to ISFA are resulted. The positive and negative conclusions of using ISFA are drawn.

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Drilling of chinks

A.R. Kabirova, L.F. Nurislamova (Bashkir State University), I.M. Gubaidullin (Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of RAS), Yu.B. Lind, R.A. Mulyukov, N.Yu. Kuznetsova (BashNIPIneft OOO)
Prediction of drilling fluids loss during oil and gas wells construction

A technique for prediction of drilling fluid loss caused by geological and technical factors has been elaborated and implemented. It is based on stochastic models and artificial neural networks use.

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I.I. Dubov, Yu.A. Motoshin (National Drilling Company “Western Siberia” LLC), Yu.N. Moysa (Scientific and Production Association Himburneft LLC)
The results of the commercial use of Organic Inhibitor of clay - HBN for side lateral drilling in unstable sediments

It is shown the experience of application of an organic inhibitor of clay by domestic production HBN in the process of drilling lateral bores of six wells in Vat-Eganskoye deposit in Western Siberia.

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A.V. Shadrina, L.A. Saruev, A.L. Saruev (Tomsk Polytechnic University)
The new threaded pipe joint for pilot drilling at pipelining

The new construction of drill pipe sleeve connection is developed. Introduced pipe joint is efficiently at a rotary-percussion pilot drilling for pipelining in upland. Absence of a stress raiser is advantage of this type of pipe connection.

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Geology and prospecting works

N.P. Zapivalov (Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS), G.D. Isaev (Scientific Research Centre SIBGEONAFT OOO)
Modern geofluid-dynamics and oil-and-gas-bearing capacity of fanerozoic of Western Siberia

Tectonic movements and deformation within the West-Siberian plate are conditioned by the depth fluid causes. The form of upheavals fanerozoic stratons, seismoanomaly on time sections, zones of change rocks, and crack systems on a core of bore holes as a rule are demonstrate modern fluidtectonik processes. Notion about lithospheres geofluid-dynamics allow on new approach to do the local prognosis of accumulation of a hydrocarbon.

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S.R. Bembel (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
Using a range of geophysical and geochemical methods in the mapping of foci of local geodynamics

The results of integrated geophysical studies, including seismic 3D, magnetic prospecting, geochemical and thermal methods are reviewed to study one of the "anomalous" objects in the western part of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Ugra, as a consequence of manifestations of geodynamic activity. Characteristic features of the traces of endogenous processes in the geophysical and geochemical fields are shown, relationship with the formation of hydrocarbon deposits are traced.

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V.D. Motruk, S.G. Kalimullin (Naryanmarneftegaz LLC)
Updating a petrophysical matrix based on evaluation of oil saturation in Yuzhno-Khylchuyuskoye field carbonate reservoirs

The proposed method suggests that key formations with a defined flow nature be used for updating a petrophysical matrix based on quantitative evaluation of oil saturation in YuK carbonate reservoirs.  The study describes examples of method implementation in the wells.

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R.Sh. Dinmukhamedov (Tatneft OAO), V.G. Bazarevskaya, T.I. Tarasova, L.I. Motina (TatNIPIneft), V.A. Ekimenko (TNG-Group OOO)
Additional possibilities for Tatneft assets’ hydrocarbon potential increment

Possibilities for commercial oil reserves increase in Tatneft fields are analyzed due to geologic exploration and re-estimation of reserves. At the present stage of geologic exploration a considerable part of possible reserves and contingent resources are considered to be hard to recover. Insignificant reserves and complex geology of reservoirs result in considerable increase of small oil fields’ prospecting and development costs.

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N.V. Yankova (TNNC LLC)
Palaeotectonic analysis of terrigenous deposits of Verkhnechonskoye oil field

The results of the paleotectonic analysis, performed by the method of V.B. Neyman, in which the thickness is designated as the first criterion of paleotectonic characteristics of each era, are considered.  It is established that the palaerelief of the basin ground at the moment of accumulation of the terrigenous stratum of nizhnemotskaya sub-suite MOT1 in the region of 3+4+5 and 2 blocks was a terraced surface. It is noted that the terraced structure of the surface of accumulation for the sediments of the lower part of the section allows to take a fresh look at the occurrence of gravelites at the lower part of the section and to correlate them as a bodies of submeridional trend along the terraces.

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I.A. Ponomareva, N.A. Eremin (Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS)
Improving the classification of reserves and resources in conditions of international oil business

The classifications of reserves and resources (the existing Russian one, proposed by the authors, and UNFC 2009) are compared by three criteria: economic and technological one, economic significance, the degree of geological knowledge. It is established that both according to the methodological approach UNFC 2009 and recommended by the authors one the recoverable reserves are part of hydrocarbon resources, are cost effective and meet the category of proved reserves.

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A.Z. Gasanov (Geology Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)
Complex estimation of prospects of the Miocene deposits in the western part of the Apsheron peninsula

It is considered the perspectives of Miocene source rocks, industrial petroleum bearing of which on some fields of Absheron peninsula and adjoining Gobustan region was established. On the base of analysis of the complex geology-geochemical data prospects of west part of Apsheron peninsula are evaluated, where these deposits on comparatively shallow, profitable for development of possible petroleum pools, depths are located.

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Working out and operation of oil deposits

A.V. Shuvalov, S.A. Groshev (Bashneft-Dobycha OOO)
Evaluating the effectiveness of the system of Barjazinskoye field development with horizontal wells

The geological and physical characteristic of Famennian stage of Barjazinskoye field is given. A comparison of operating performance of horizontal and vertical wells is carried out. The effectiveness of the development system with use of horizontal wells is marked.

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N.P. Lebedinets (VNIIneft OAO)
On the oil displacement from the cavernous fractured reservoirs at nonlinear filtration regime

The features of fluid filtration in cavernous fractured reservoirs are considered. It is shown that very small volumes of reservoir as compared to the total drainage area in the near well zones are characterized by nonlinear filtration regime. It is concluded that the processes of oil displacement from cavernous fractured reservoirs in real well-reservoir systems with sufficient accuracy can be characterized (and evaluated) on the basis of dependencies, obtained under the assumption of a linear filtration law observance. At the same time the deviations from Darcy's law must be considered at calculation of filtration resistance and wells interaction.

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R.I. Shafigullin (Elkhovneft NGDU), I.M. Bakirov (TatNIPIneft)
Investigating effect of petrophysical and reservoir properties on oil displacement efficiency

Displacement efficiency is a critical parameter which characterizes oil recovery process. Many factors influence displacement efficiency, primarily natural physical properties of producing reservoirs. The study establishes dependency between maximum displacement and maximum initial oil saturation and oil/agent viscosity ratio.

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A.Yu. Trenchikov, Yu.I. Trenchikov (Federal State Unitary Enterprise RF State Scientific Centre VNIIgeosystem FGUP)
Tracer studies execution in oil and gas fields

The application of the technology of integrated tracer studies on the heterogeneity of the distribution of seepages of oil and water, injected into the reservoir over the area of the developed field of Tyumen Region, is considered.

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R.Ya. Kharisov, А.E. Folomeev, G.T. Bulgakova, A.G. Telin (RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC)
The complex approach to the choice of the optimum acid composition for well stimulation in carbonate

It is noted that at a choice of the technology of wells acid stimulation in carbonate reservoir it is necessary to be guided by an integrated approach to the reagents and design. It is shown that taking into account the properties of acidic compounds for specific geological and physical conditions increases the efficiency of the well bottom zone stimulation due to a larger radius of influence, preventing the formation of insoluble compounds, bridging the pore space of this zone. The results of determining the kinetic parameters, characterizing the rate of acid composition reaction with oil- and water-saturated rock samples, are given.

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M.V. Zaitsev (Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS)
Influence of thermal colmatation of near well bore zones on well production

The models taking into account the influence of the structure of the borehole vicinity areas on the productivity of wells are suggested. There were considered the influence of such factors as near-well bore zone invasion, filtration deformation of matrix solid material, jamming of fluids in pores and thermal expansion of rocks. The necessity of taking into account the influence of temperature changes on the permeability in assessing the efficiency of thermal methods is shown.

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V.I. Galkin, S.V. Galkin (Perm State Technical University), V.L. Voevodkin, V.G. Permyakov (LUKOIL-PERM LLC)
Construction of the statistical models of the estimation of current oil recovery for the operational objects of Perm region

Are examined the possibilities of estimation by the statistical methods of the dynamics of the current oil recovery under different geological- technological conditions of developing the operational objects of the Perm region. Multidimensional models for evaluating the oil recovery factor taking into account the completeness of the washing of oil resources are proposed. Under the conditions of the realization of reservoir pressure maintenance are established the informative geological-technological indices, which control the dynamics of a change in the current coefficients of the extraction of oil from the completeness of washing separately for the carbonate and terrigenous reservoir rock.

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Yu.P. Konoplyov (PechorNIPIneft OOO), V.E. Gulyaev (Yareganeft NShU)
Introduction of new methods of thermal mining development at Yaregskoye heavy oil field

It is noted, that the introduction of underground-surface system of thermal mining development at Yaregskoye heavy oil field allowed to increase the rate of oil withdrawal two times, to reduce road-heading 4-5 times. It is established, that the field construction cost for thermal mining technology does not exceed the construction cost at the field development from the surface.

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B.A. Suleimanov, F.S. Ismailov, O.A. Dyshin, N.I. Huseinova (OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic)
Analysis of oil deposit exploration state on the base of multifractal approach

On the base of multifractal approach the method is suggested in order to diagnost the current state of lay system. This method allow to bring decision over regulation and control on line regime  by deposit exploration. The dynamic change of generalization fractal dimension are considered for time series values of current oil production. An estimation of self organization for exploration process is given to select most effective method of deposit action and its aim direct correction at different deposit exploration stages.

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M.T. Abasov, Z.Y. Abbasov, V.M. Fataliyev, N.N. Gamidov, G.G. Mammadova (Institute of Geology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)
New views on the parameter of dew point of the gascondensate system and the new method for it determination

The results of experimental study of mechanism of phase transformations in gascondensate fields on depletion regime of exploration into account porosity, residual water, temperature of beds and density of condensate are presented. Studies allowed to indicate more accurate the influence of properties of porous medium and saturated fluid on hole process and on these base to formulate new views on the parameter dew point of the gascondensate system and to develop new method for it determination.

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Technics and technology of oil recovery

D.R. Gilmiev, R.R. Baisov, L.S. Brilliant (Tyumen Oil and Gas Institute)
Hydrodynamic model of horizontal oil producing well

A problem of working of system horizontal well-rezervoir is reviewed. Some features of flowing liquid inside perforated pipe are researched.

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The oil-field equipment

A.S. Kuznetsov, O.F. Danilov (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), S.G. Shchergin, K.A. Kuznetsov (Surgutneftegaz OAO)
Ensuring the reliability of hoisting devices UP-40S during well remedial work in Western Siberia conditions

It is offered for providing regular maintenance to use the performance period in engine hours as the device service frequency criterion. Calculations of the optimal frequency of maintenance are carried out.

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V.V. Sushkov, T.D. Gladkikh (Nizhnevartovsk branch of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), S.A. Nikonchuk (GREY OOO)
Evaluation of vibration state of submersible electric centrifugal pumps on the basis of the intellectual system of diagnosing

An approach to diagnosing of vibration state of electric centrifugal pumps on the basis of fuzzy production models is developed. Informative parameters of evaluation of electric centrifugal pumps vibration state are offered. The fundamentals of creating an automated expert system are developed.

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Transport and oil preparation

V.N. Semyenov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO), S.M. Sokolov (SibNIINP-Engineering LLC)
Comparing the results of forecasting of high pressure conduits rupture due to internal corrosion with the actual data

Results of the comparison of two methods of forecasting of rupture of high-pressure conduits without internal coating due to internal corrosion with the actual data for two fields in Western Siberia, as well as rupture prediction method, intended for pipelines of oil-and-gas gathering systems, are given.

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Sh.I. Rakhmatullin (Center of Pipeline Transport Hydraulics, Academy of Science of Bashkortostan Republic)
On the concept of design of main product pipelines, transporting liquefied hydrocarbon gases with high vapor pressure

The reliability and security ratings of main pipeline, transporting a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons, are analyzed. It is shown, that at the main pipeline designing, for pumping ethanized wide fraction of light hydrocarbons with vapor pressure more than 1.6 MPa at 40 º C there is a need to accept a twin line technological scheme with shunt pipes with cost-effective pipe diameter of each line with a working pressure not exceeding the working pressure, accepted for stable oil products. An algorithm to determine the most advantageous pipe diameter of linear part of each line is suggested.

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Ecological and industrial safety

K.S. Gasanov (Special Design-Technology Bureau for Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Stock of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science)
Mechanisms of infiltration of oil and mineral oil in the soil structure

Filtration regularities (capillary impregnation and filtration) of oil and petroleum products from soil surface deep into a soil profile in the natural conditions Have been researched. It is shown the migration of oil and petroleum products depends on their nature (density, viscosity, content of active components), as well as humidity of superficial soil layer and its mechanical structure. Depending on these parameters, the depth of infiltration of oil and petroleum products into soil changes in a wide interval.

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Petroleum industry abroad

N.M. Baykov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations of RAS)
The development of oil fields on the continental shelf of Norwegian and the United Kingdom

The state of development of the North Sea oil fields is considered. The results of the use of oil recovery and oil production enhancement methods are given. The prospects of development of oil fields of the given region are marked.

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