Editorial Board of the journal "Oil Industry"

Shmal Genady Iosifovich
President of the Union of Russian Oil and Gas Producers.
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences

Genady Iosifovich is one of the creators of Western Siberian oil and gas complex.
He participated in the development of the Urengoy and Yamburg gas condensate fields, the construction of the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod, Urengoy-Center, Yamburg-Tula gas pipelines, the Urengoy-Surgut condensate pipeline, Surgut plants for condensate stabilization and motor fuels, compressor plants at all gas pipelines in Western Siberia and other regions.
He was awarded the following Orders: of Courage, the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labor and the Friendship of Peoples as well as medals. Honored Worker of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry Construction of the USSR, Honored Worker of the Gas Industry. Winner of the Governmental Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of technology (1997).

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The journal "Oil Economy" enjoys well-deserved authority among Russian oilmen as a source of up-to-date, highly professional scientific and technical information. The journal has always been and remains for publications about the latest achievements and problems of development in the field of:
- search and hydrocarbon deposits
- drilling technologies
- oil production equipment and technologies
- transportation and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials
- sale of petroleum products
- environmental and industrial safety
- information technology and related topics.

The editorial board of the journal includes representatives of the founding companies, scientists and specialists of industry research institutes, other oil and gas companies (candidates and doctors of sciences). The team of authors consists of calculations and specialists in oil and gas companies, scientists and IT specialists from industry research institutes, specialists in servicing companies and related specialties. All incoming articles are subject to mandatory external review according to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission.