Factors influencing the loss of oil asphaltene, resin and paraffin substances

Authors: K.D. Ashmyan, I.N. Nikitina, E.N. Nosova (VNIIneft OAO, RF, Moscow)

Key words: paraffin oil, phase state of paraffin oil, education asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits, paraffin saturation point.

Under the oil field development, solid phase so-called «paraffin» may precipitate both in reservoirs and in wells and aboveground pipelines. Paraffin saturation point is a key factor which describes the phase state of «paraffin» in raw oil. This article covers a method of evaluating the phase state of «paraffin» in raw oil, subject to the paraffin content in oil, formation pressure, gas content, temperature, composition of the paraffin and the ratio of content in the oil asphaltenes, resins and waxes.

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