On the reliability of the experimental determination of oil displacement coefficients by gas and water-gas stimulation methods

Authors: A.M. Petrakov, Yu.A. Egorov, T.L. Nenartovich (VNIIneft OAO)
The results of filtration studies on the assessment of the effectiveness of residual oil additional displacement after water flooding by gas stimulation by the example of YuK10 layer of Sherkalinskaya suite of Talinskaya area of Krasnoleninskoye field are presented. Studies are carried out on bulk material models of the reservoir, saturated by degassed or recombined model of oil with bound water. It is shown that the most reliable value of oil displacement coefficient is obtained in experiments with recombined model of oil, while at use of degassed oil the displacement coefficient was overestimated by 6.7%. 

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