Optimization of waterflooding system of the Verh-Tarskoye oil field by means of streamline simulation

Authors: S.V. Kaygorodov, E.R. Kashapova (SIAM-Engineering Ltd., RF, Tomsk), V.T. Kirshin (TNK-Uvat LLC, RF, Tyumen), S.A. Pavlova (Novosibirskneftegaz OJSC, Novosibirsk)

Key words: streamline simulation, waterflooding optimization, mature field, wells ranking, experimental validation.

Streamline simulation is a useful tool for optimization of waterflooding system. It shows the paths of fluids flows in the reservoir and visualizes wells interactions. It also helps in quantitative evaluation of wells performance and ranking of production and injection wells by efficiency. In this article the proposals for waterflooding system optimization with the help of streamline simulation in Frontsim for Verh-Tarskoye mature oil field are considered. Efficiency factors of injection wells are calculated. Inefficient injection wells are identified. Stop or decrease of injection in such wells can lead to decrease of watercut and increase of oil rate of connected producers. To keep the balance of reservoir energy, injection from stopped wells can be redistributed into more efficient injectors which provide oil sweeping, not water circulation between production and injection wells.


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