Zonal seismogeological model of neokomsky depositions of the «LUKOIL-Western Siberia» activity territory in Shirotnoye Priobiye

Authors: S.A. Lats, A.I. Lebedev, I.I. Odnoshevnaya (KogalymNIPIneft OOO), K.G. Skachek (Kogalymneftegaz TPP LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC)
New data obtained for the last few years, demonstrate considerable differences in models and indexing of layers, compared to ones being on State balance.  In connection with this urgent development (formulating) of common correlation principles for the entire territory, borders setting and layers indexing; revision of accepted stratigraphic sequences and their adjustment in accordance with valid geological model of layers, both within a single deposit and within the entire NGR (oil-and-gas bearing area) or NGO (oil-and-gas bearing region). Specification of present geological model of Achimovsky sediments and their detailing allow to optimize a volume of indispensable for restudying geoexploration work and to define priority objects and the direction of production drilling.

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