The possibilities of multidisciplinary geology-geophysical exploration when predicting properties of reservoirs, geological modelling and drilling support

Authors: V.V. Shkandratov, Yu.N. Feodorov, G.V. Takkand, V.M. Vingalov, A.V. Beltikov, S.V. Lyagushov, T.A. Tsimbalyuk, I.V. Tychinkina, T.A. Kryakvina, M.G.Latfullin (KogalymNIPIneft OOO)
The problems of complex approach to the exploration of properties of productive reservoirs of AB1-3 – AB2 layers of Kechimovskoye field as an example are considered. The results of geological nonuniformity research of these objects are given. Detailed geological model confirmed by drilling is shown.

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