Application of membrane gas separation technology for gas treatment in the RN-Krasnodarneftegaz LLC

Authors: F.A. Bochkov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC), A.N. Beloshapka, V.V. Rybin, N.A. Kovalenko (RN-Krasnodarneftegaz LLC), S.L. Bulavinov, E.G. Krashennikov (Grasis ZAO)
The article is deal with solving of priority problem of Rosneft Oil Company of minimizing the adverse environmental impact related to the popping of gas with fuel spray. Spectrum of problems, connected with search of most effective ways, made necessary search of innovation technique for solving this problem. By results of application analysis of different techniques for gas treatment(low-temperature condensation, low-temperature separation,adsorption dehydration, membrane technology)the using of membrane technology is offered in view of the following advantages: 1) considerably low volume of investment and least operating costs; 2) - compactness and small weight, simplicity of installation and maintenance; 3) minimal application of supervisory instruments and automated control system of process technology.

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