Geodata systematization and harmonization of approaches to spatial information management in the corporate geoinformation system of Rosneft Oil Company

Authors: A.A. Napryushkin, D.S. Klimentev, I.A. Khristolyubov, T.E. Anisimova (TomskNIPIneft JSC, RF, Tomsk), M.A. Litvinenko (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)
The paper reveals the prerequisites for the creation of import-substituting
geoinformation system (GIS) solutions in face of evolving digitalization and
adverse international conditions. The results of the development of the corporate
GIS as well as its functionality and application are presented generated
on the basis of Rosneft Oil Company. The article describes the main purpose
of corporate GIS, its technological platform, based on the corporative
GIS strategy, presents the scale of corporate GIS distribution in the Rosneft
Company. The overall effect of the geodata systematization was considered
both for the local branches and for the whole Rosneft Oil Company as a part
of the corporate GIS benefits analysis. The upper-level components of the
system consisting of the basic GIS platform and specialized modules are described.
The paper gives in detail the functionality of modules automating a
wide range of engineering design tasks from an initial investment planning to
final design solutions for oil and gas production facilities. The functionality includes
the tools for such processes as conceptual design, pre-design study,
engineering surveys (including monitoring of field work and drawing of topographic
maps), design of oil and gas facilities, as well as visualization and
analysis of spatial data at all stages of design. In conclusion the paper presents
the possible benefits and results of widespread corporate GIS implementation
in Rosneft Oil Company subsidiaries, reveals the main perspectives
of future development and new directions for further GIS automation of
the Company business processes.

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