Determining the optimal location for sidetrack kickoff for inclined well

UDK: 622.243.23.001
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-1-45-49
Key words: profile design, lateral wellbore, well profile optimization, wells of complex spatial configuration, sidetracking, inclined wells
Authors: E.G. Grechin (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), V.G. Kuznetsov (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), A.V. Sherbakov (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen)

One of the ways to increase oil recovery is the construction of sidetracks, which makes it possible to bring into operation overlying or underlying formations. At present, the location of the sidetrack kickoff is determined based on the actual (design) trajectory of the main borehole (wound, drilled or new) and by enumeration of various options in computer modeling, as a result, the sidetrack profile may have a maximum curvature intensity, which leads to complications and accidents during construction. The paper considers the influence of the well length, through a horizontal projection relative to the position of the subsequent window cutting location, and gives an analytical solution for determining the sidetracking point, which reduces the total length of the well and, as a result, reduces its construction time. Based on the solution obtained, calculations were performed for 14 wells: in 70% of cases the location of extreme points met all the requirements and did not need to be corrected, for the remaining 30% of wells a scheme for correcting the sidetracking point was proposed. Based on optimized trajectories, an assessment was made of the effect of changing the well profile on the magnitude of the resulting axial loads; computer simulation was performed during drilling and tripping of drill pipes with a diameter of 147 and 89 mm and casing strings with a diameter of 178 and 114 mm (on a drilling tool with a diameter of 89 mm) using various models ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ columns. Based on the data obtained, a method for correcting the results of the analytical determination of the sidetracking point of the well was proposed in order to correct the geometric parameters of the well. It is proved that the correction technique allows optimizing the well profile.


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