New approach for express method of resource evaluation for areas at early exploration stage

UDK: 553.98.04
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-12-6-10
Key words: expected monetary value (EMV), geological exploration program, chance of geological success (gCoS), object modeling
Authors: E.M. Viktorova (Gazpromneft STC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), T.V. Olneva (Gazpromneft STC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.V. Khitrenko (Gasprom Neft PJSC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Many petroleum companies have problems associated with absence of necessary information during the geological and economic assessment. Low level of available data set is the main reason of such problems. In general, these areas are located in the regions with absence of infrastructure, which impact on expenditure of the following exploration program. For evaluated areas with poor volume of geological and geophysical data new approach was developed and tested based on the available tectonic models, paleogeographic conditions and stochastic modeling. Developed fast-method including object geological modeling for assessment of lateral distribution of reservoir, level of heterogeneity and potential gross reservoir volume allowed team to estimate volume of hydrocarbon in place correctly using geological success. Algorithm of fast estimation the following important stages: a) identification and estimation of effective area, where potential objects might be formed; b) identification possible number of separated reservoir bodies; c) estimation of volume of hydrocarbon in place of 1 geological object and total volume of reserves. The proposed approach of estimation allows make stochastic estimation of reserves and following economic assessments of projects before high-cost exploration program, which is necessary for decreasing geological uncertainty of target objects. Such method was implemented for estimation of volume of hydrocarbon in place of middle and lower Jurassic sediments. Total area of studied region comprises approximately 11 thousands km2 and located in the southern part of Western Siberia. The main advantages of implemented approach are simplicity of calculations and low time consumptions. However, complexity of collection information of analogues fields is the main disadvantages of method.


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