Using Gasnet-β on the example of the digital twin of Beregovoye field in the Gasnet Sirius system

UDK: 681.518:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-8-72-75
Key words: digital twin, technological mode, gas and gas-condensate fields, deterministic mathematical model, autoadaptation, multiphase flow simulator, booster compressor station
Authors: T.A. Pospelova (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), S.M. Knyazev (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), A.V. Strekalov (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), R.R. Lopatin (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), D.N. Trushnikov (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Gas and gas condensate fields represent the most complex geological and technological systems. For effective field development, technological development indicators must be calculated in the entire hydrocarbon collection system from the reservoir to the main pipeline and meet the number of requirements. The first one is ensuring planned gas extraction and maximum economic efficiency of the field operation, which, as a rule, corresponds to the maximum pressure at the inlet of the booster compressor station (BCS), at which the required compression ratio and fuel gas consumption are lower. The second is ensuring uniform gas withdrawal over the area, stable and safe operation of wells, taking into account all geological and technological constraints, including the maximum permissible drawdown, absence of pipe wall erosion, and hydrate formation. And the third is compliance with the conditions for the protection of subsoil and safety regulations. To calculate technological indicators in practice, simulators for modeling multiphase flow are used (PipeSim, Eclipse with the option Networks, GAP, tNavigator, etc.). The following deficiencies of these simulators were discovered: a) instability of the mathematical computing apparatus for the implementation of digital twins with any structures and a set of characteristics; b) low speed of model calculation (more than 1 min.); c) lack of permanent adaptation to commercial measurements.

At Tyumen Oil Research Center the GasNet Sirius software complex was developed, devoid of the above drawbacks and consisting of two computational cores GasNet-α and GasNet-β. The article provides a rationale for the development of the second GasNet-β core, describes its design scheme, presents a modified method for calculating pressure losses for two-phase flow in pipes developed by the H.D. Beggs and J.P. Brill, which is one of the basic elements in the current circuit. To determine the correctness of the input data and applied correlation dependencies, as well as adjust the model to the actual telemetry data algorithms were developed to search for adaptation coefficients for wells and pipes. An algorithm for calculating the BCS model is presented, in the input data of which all the necessary restrictions and the curve of the efficiency of the manufacturer's plant are taken into account. Comparison of the calculation results with the actual data and calculation results of the PipeSim software product is given using the example of the digital twin of the Beregovoye field.


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