Evolution of disparate digital models into a comprehensive information asset of the project

UDK: 681.518:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-8-68-71
Key words: information model, databases, project documentation, project information asset, digital assets
Authors: N.N. Andreeva (Gubkin University, RF, Moscow), D.V. Marinenkov (NEOLANT GROUP JSC, RF, Moscow)

At each stage of project implementation, including the preparation of technical specifications, the preparing of initial data, a huge number of text and graphic documents are generated, presented in digital form, requiring systematization, multi-factor analysis to make appropriate engineering decisions. Each project document is characterized by its own set of information, which in general makes up an array of hundreds of thousands of documents presented in various forms: maps, passports of technological equipment, text and image files, and dozens of names. In the absence of centralized "leadership" and management, it is difficult to find the necessary information for making decisions and managing production processes.

It is proposed to introduce the concept of "Project Information Asset" (PIA) as a tool for storing, supplementing and managing externally heterogeneous information used at all stages of the project (object) life cycle by means of information technologies. The purpose of the PIA is to form a single information space for the accumulation, updating, structuring of information flows arising in the process of creating and developing projects, making high-quality and sound management and technological decisions based on the accumulated information. The IAP is derived from the tasks, and the task is always derived from the problem that the company faces.


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