Tank equipment used by Transneft PJSC: priorities – quality and reliability

UDK: 658.562.64
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-7-125-131
Key words: reliability, quality, vertical steel tank equipment, main oil pipeline, oil product pipeline, general technical requirements, quality management
Authors: O.V. Aralov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow; Gubkin University, RF, Moscow), A.M. Korolenok (Gubkin University, RF, Moscow), I.V. Buyanov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow), S.I. Viunov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow), A.S. Efremov (The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC, RF, Moscow)

Tanks for storing, receiving, transfer and measuring oil and petroleum products are high-risk facilities whose system reliability and performance depend primarily on the quality of the equipment used, which is subject to seismic and climatic effects, corrosive external agents, the working environment, as well as mechanical stresses that the equipment experiences during operation and maintenance of the tank. Therefore, the processes aimed at ensuring and increasing the reliability of the used tank equipment are always relevant to the oil and gas industry.

The article is devoted to the processes aimed at increasing the reliability of tank equipment, the most important of which is the assessment of the conformity of the quality of equipment supplied for the construction, repair and reconstruction of vertical steel reservoirs (tanks) operated at hazardous production facilities of the pipeline transportation of Transneft oil and petroleum products. The article discusses the outstanding issues faced by large companies in the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation related to improving the reliability of tank equipment, and also considers examples of the main technical requirements for compliance with which the quality of tank equipment is assessed. The material presented in the article clearly demonstrates the potential for improving the quality and reliability of tank equipment through modern and efficient approaches used in Transneft oil and petroleum product pipeline transportation system. The article considers four main types of tank equipment as an example: manifold, storm water drainage system for floating tank roof, siphon drain, floating roof seal, which are included in the list of main products used by Transneft system organisations and subject to assessment of compliance with Transneft oil and petrolium products pipeline transportation regulatory technical requirements.


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