The results of experimental and industrial work on the technology for phased wells drilling in the Vietsovpetro JV

UDK: 622.24.085
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-5-93-95
Key words: drilling, phased drilling, self- lifting drilling rig, Vietsovpetro JV, comparative analysis
Authors: O.V. Akimov (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow), K.V. Kempf (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow), R.R. Toib (Vietsovpetro JV, the Socialist Republic Vietnam, Vung Tau)

The article provides the experience of introducing the technology of phased drilling of wells Batch Drilling in the development of the White Tiger field on the shelf of the South China Sea in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam by the Joint Vietnamese-Russian company Vietsovpetro. Examples of the use of technology in the construction of wells on block conductor No. 20 using the self-lifting floating drilling rig Tam Dao - 03 in two time stages: 1) after the installation of the lower (underwater) structure of the block conductor; 2) after the installation of the upper structure. Constructions comparison of identical wells on the wellhead platform No. 20 is given. A schematic diagram of well construction with the use of batch drilling technology is presented. As a result of the comparison, it is concluded that the additional time spent on the elimination of complications, accidents and repairs occurred during the main work time and therefore did not affect the negative values of the saved time. A comparative review of the duration of drilling wells using Batch Drilling technology and using the traditional method of drilling has been noted, the fact of significant savings of drilling solution and chemical reagents for its preparation is noted. The performance of well construction works was also analyzed. A summary table of time costs was compiled, indicating the reasons for the excess of the actual indicators over the planned ones. A comparative review identified the potential to optimize time costs through phased well construction technology, which can be broken down into two components: drilling itself and supporting work that can be carried out in parallel with drilling.


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