Petroleum regions’ geological concept update by means of statistical resources analysis (on the example of Western Uzbekistan)

UDK: 553.98
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-5-11-14
Key words: accumulation, Bukhara-Khiva region, exploration, gas, hydrocarbons, oil, statistical resources analysis, Uzbekistan
Authors: T.V. Sivaykova (Gazprom International Services, RF, Saint-Petersburg), S.F. Khafizov (Gubkin University, RF, Moscow)

The article briefly reviews the opportunities of statistical analysis application, based on the distribution function of hydrocarbon accumulations, in terms of different petroleum regions’ geological concept update. Used statistical tool was derived from Peter Roses’ investigations based on the plenty of world hydrocarbon accumulations analysis. According to it, the relationship between the accumulations’ resources and the amount of these accumulations represents almost straight line in log-lognormal scale. The article reviews the results of this method application in terms of Bukhara-Khiva petroleum region in Uzbekistan. Firstly, the essential deformation of these distribution functions had been identified because of Shurtan accumulation presence among the set of all discovered in this area accumulations. These results gave an idea of possible Shurtan location in another petroleum region. Secondly, the strong analysis of all available geological data (particularly satellite image interpretation) allowed proving the Shurtan location in adjacent Gissar petroleum region and necessity of Bukhara-Khiva region’s southeastern boundary correction. Afterwards the same was also proved by means of modified (excluding Shurtan) distribution function of hydrocarbon accumulations. Finally, the boundary between Bukhara-Khiva and Gissar petroleum regions has been reviewed based on the available geological data and statistical analysis combination. Applied statistical analysis made possible to update previous Bukhara-Khiva geological concept, based only on geological information by implication of statistical data as well.


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