Method for improving profile of well with horizontal sidetrack

UDK: 622.24.085.2
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-4-58-61
Key words: profile optimization, multi-borehole wells, wells of complex spatial configuration, side borehole profile, profile design
Authors: E.G. Grechin (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), V.G. Kuznetsov (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), Ya.M. Kurbanov (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), A.V. Shcherbakov (Industrial University of Tyumen, RF, Tyumen)

The technology of drilling multi-borehole wells (MBW) is widely used; it allows putting into operation an emergency and inoperative well stock, as well as performing work in wells that have developed their reserves. Oilfield service companies are paying increasing attention every year to the development and promotion of new solutions to further improve the effectiveness of this technology and contribute to its dissemination among oil and gas companies. The main advantage of MBW is to increase the drainage area by drilling multi-directional sidetracks from the main hole.

Using the example of object in Western Siberia, a trajectory of a MBW with a horizontal completion and one sidetrack was designed; the length of the horizontal sections was up to 500 m. It is shown that an increase in the inclination angle up to 90° can lead to complications both during drilling and when running the casing into the sidetrack. One of the solutions to prevent such complications and accidents was to change the profile of the main hole. In order to shorten the bok barrel, it is proposed to direct the main barrel to point D along the angle bisector, directed to the middle of the section. A method for changing the profile of a MBW with one sidetrack is proposed, which will reduce the total footage along the well. Comparative calculations of trajectories of wells built in the traditional way (without taking into account the location of the sidetrack branch) and taking into account the coordinates of the point corresponding to the location of the window cut have been performed. As a result of calculations, it was found that for the case under consideration, when the cut-out point of the window is displaced by 700 m from the wellhead, the total length of the sidetrack decreases by 128.8 m, with a displacement of 600 m from the wellhead, by 144.9 m. At the same time, the total length of the well is reduced by 91.7 and 99.6 m, respectively.


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