Domanic type deposits – target object of prospecting works

UDK: 553.98.061.32
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-12-92-96
Key words: Buzuluk Depression, Muhano-Erokhovsky Trough, domanicoids, unconventional hydrocarbon sources, reservoir, fracturing, seismic survey
Authors: M.A. Politykina (VolgoUralNIPIgaz LLC, RF, Orenburg), S.V. Bagmanova (VolgoUralNIPIgaz LLC, RF, Orenburg; Orenburg State University, RF, Orenburg), P.V. Pankratiev (Orenburg State University, RF, Orenburg), I.V. Synkova (VolgoUralNIPIgaz LLC, RF, Orenburg), A.S. Stepanov (Orenburg State University, RF, Orenburg), A.V. Kolomoets (VolgoUralNIPIgaz LLC, RF, Orenburg; Orenburg State University, RF, Orenburg)

Unconventional hydrocarbons include resources located in complex geological conditions in "unconventional" traps that require the use of new methods of exploration, production, processing and transportation. The separation of Domanic deposits as an oil source suite and lithological and formational features of the section makes it possible to consider them as a target for the search for unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations.

On the territory of the Volga-Ural oil and gas province Domanic deposits are widely developed as part of the Upper Devonian-Tournaisian sedimentary complex. They are characterized by large lithological-facies diversity; they are associated with various traps of hydrocarbons, both traditional and non-traditional. Domanicoid sediments of Buzuluk petroleum region have been studied very unevenly by drilling. Domanic facies were opened by drilling under the study of more ancient Devonian horizons. In the region Middle Frasnian-Tournaisian deposits of Domanic type are the most drilled out within the territory of traditional terrigenous Devonian deposits. In the rest of the territory, drilling knowledge is significantly lower. Troitskoye field is the first oil field in domanicoid sediments in Orenburg region placed on the state balance. The development of hydrocarbon deposits of Domanic type is hitherto not possible. Of particular interest is the study of fractured low-permeability reservoirs, which include Domanic deposits. The use of CDP 2D seismic survey with the use of innovative methods will help to solve the issues of proper understanding of the basic problems of formation, migration and accumulation of oil and search for movable hydrocarbons directly in Dominic sediments.


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