Criterion of applicability of artificial barriers to enhance oil recovery from gas-oil zones of oil rims

UDK: 622.276.23./.24
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-12-50-53
Key words: gas coning, oil rims, enhanced oil recovery in oil rim
Authors: M.V. Fedorov (Gazprom Neft Development LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), R.T. Apasov (Gazpromneft NTC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), D.A. Samolovov (Gazpromneft NTC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Gas breakthrough during development of oil rim is one of the main factors leaded to low sweep efficiency and low economic efficiency. There are lots of proposals to limit gas breakthrough during oil rim development by injection water or heterogeneous systems to create gas-prevention screen near gas-oil contact. Such enhanced oil recovery method for oil rims now is underexplored not only theoretically but also practically. Also there is not technic-and-economic evaluation of this method and gas-prevention screen configuration is not calculated but supposed. At the same time blocked pattern of gas-prevention screen configuration depending on vertical anisotropy of the reservoir. The main goal of the present work is efficiency estimation of gas breakthrough limitation technology and determination of geological conditions at which using of such technology is reasonable. Production profiles are calculated by numerical simulation. Also numerical simulation is used to determine blocked pattern of gas-prevention screen in reservoir formed by water or heterogeneous systems injection. For every geological conditions optimal placing and injected amount is determined, production profile with gas-prevention screen is compared to production profile without application any enhanced oil recovery technology. Also technic-and-economic evaluation and limits to applicability of discussed method is presented. Efficiency criterion is NPV. Results of the present work can be used for oil rim’s development technology screening.


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