Technologies for the development of the Achimov deposits

UDK: 622.276.1/.4 (4–15)
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-12-30-33
Key words: Achimov deposits, hard-to-recover reserves, technologies, technological challenges
Authors: A.A. Minich (Gazpromneft NTC, LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.A. Timirgalin (Gazpromneft NTC, LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), M.G. Butorina (Gazpromneft NTC, LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), R.A. Oshmarin (Gazpromneft NTC, LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.Yu. Kondratiev (Gazpromneft-Geo LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), I.R. Mukminov (Gazpromneft-Geo LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), G.V. Volkov (Gazpromneft-Geo LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Cost-effective production from Achimov reservoirs is impossible without technological development. For such a complex reservoirs oil companies have to take in account a wide range of technologies and technological challenges have to be solved in a complex way with strong cross-functional cooperation. This paper provides a review of technological challenges that Gazpromneft faces with. The purpose of this study was to identify unique Achimov technological challenges and find out prospective technologies to make a complex concept of technological development. The article describes in a brief geological background for technological challenges and their description. Challenges were grouped into three technological streamlines that are reserves localization and properties determination, recovery factor increasing, drilling costs decreasing. Technological development concept consists of the most suitable technologies that are being developed in Gazpromneft. Description of some key technologies was made in this section as well. To solve challenges concerned with Achimov reserves localization some project were started, such as «object-oriented approaches for seismic interpretation», «approaches for petrophysical modelling and logging interpretation of thin interlaminated Achimov deposits». The prospective technologies for recovery factor increasing are «stimulated reservoir volume creation» and «miscible gas injection». Drilling costs decreasing will be achieved with optimized well designs and new materials. For correct technologies implementation for different Achimov deposits a special project was started that identifies the degree of different reservoirs similarity according to their accommodation space conditions and production performance.

Based on results of this work some technological projects were started that will give solutions for Achimov technological challenges.


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