The Sakhalin offshore – new horizons

UDK: 622.271.1/.4.04(4/9)
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-12-22-24
Key words: north-Sakhalin petroleum region, Nutovo productive horizon, change of geodynamic regimes, conceptual model of sedimentation, complex of delta, aggradation, volcanic activity
Authors: R.N. Gainanshin (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), N.V. Logvinenko (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), E.A. Zhukovskaya (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), M.V. Snachev (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), V.V. Litvin (Gazpromneft-Sakhalin LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), I.A. Tanygin (Gazpromneft-Sakhalin LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

At the beginning of 2017, Gazprom Neft received a license to study and develop the Ayashsky license area and in the summer of the same year a large Neptune oil field was discovered in the new region.

The main geodynamic stages of its evolution were considered during the study of the territory. This made it possible to assess the impact of tectonic processes on the geological structure of the productive horizons and the features of the sedimentary cover formation. The actual geological and geophysical information of the first appraisal well, seismic and regional data were also compared.

According to the results of a detailed description of the core material of the well no.1 Ayashskaya geological features were identified. These features indicate the subsidence of the basin in the process of sedimentation, as a consequence of the formation of aggradation complexes, as well as volcanic activity, which accompanied all stages of the sedimentary cover formation in the region. In this article, the authors have attempted to describe the most likely concept of the formation of productive horizons of the Neptune oilfield.

Today, there are many geological uncertainties and technological challenges associated with the work in the region. All these issues require further study and in-depth study for the successful launch of the field into development.


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