Research of technological composition for hydrofracturing based on viscoelastic surfactants

UDK: 622.
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-3-30-32
Key words: surfactant, method of hydraulic fracturing, high-conductivity canals, enhanced oil recovery, low-permeability reservoirs
Authors: A.I. Shipilov (POLYEX JSC, RF, Perm), N.V. Babkina (POLYEX JSC, RF, Perm), I.A. Menshikov (POLYEX JSC, RF, Perm)

One of the most effective ways to increase oil production in case of low-permeable reservoirs is the method of hydraulic fracturing. Traditional way to give the required rheological properties to fracturing fluids is polymers application (guar derivatives, cellulose). One of the major drawbacks of such systems is the reduction of permeability due to contamination of the destruction products of polymers. Alternatively, eliminates this drawback can be used non-polymer systems based on viscoelastic surfactants.

The article considers the non-polymer reagent Surfogel D. It can be used in the composition of the fracturing fluid without use of polymers. Some breakers were investigated for each temperature. They can effectively manage the time of destruction gel. Solution of Surfogel D in fresh water provides desirable rheology, which is stable at various temperatures and shear rates. Advantage of this product is immediate recovery of viscosity characteristics after action of shear. Residual conductivity of proppant packaging in the case of Surfogel D use exceeds in the average 2.7 times those measured using the standard process of fracturing fluid on guar basis.

Thus, the conducted laboratory studies have shown the application perspectives of the surfactant Surfogel D in the technology of hydraulic fracturing. The latter was also confirmed by the successful field trials of this reagent in Western Siberia, when performing hydraulic fracturing about 17 tons of proppant were injected.


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