Facies analysis of productive series sediments on the base of well logging data (on the example of the Pirallahi adasy field)

UDK: 550.832
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-4-14-18
Key words: productive series, facies analysis, sedimentation conditions, facies, log curves, reservoir
Authors: L.N. Khalilova (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan, Baku), K.A. Kerimova (Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan, Baku)

For a complete understanding of the oil and gas fields formation processes and correct choice of the direction of their search and exploration, facies-cyclical analysis is required. On the example of the Pirallahi adasy area, the possibility of using the logging facies technique for the facies-cyclic analysis of deposits of the productive series of the Early Pliocene is shown. The Pirallahi adasy field is located in the Absheron oil and gas region. The sandy horizons of the Kirmaky and Pre Kirmaky suites of the productive series are the main oil and gas bearing objects at the Pirallakhi adasy fiel. dGenetic studies of sandy reservoirs have been carried out. Alluvial deposits play an important role in the formation of oil and gas deposits. These deposits are developed within the coastal-marine conditions of sedimentation of sandy bodies, especially in the paleodelts. Non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps are genetically related to the aforementioned sedimentation conditions. Prediction of changes in the main parameters of sand bodies-reservoirs as well as the choice of a rational system for the development of the field is possible only with accurate information on the origin of sand bodies. In this regard, the topic of the article devoted to the study of the conditions and environments of sedimentation of deposits of the productive series is very relevant. At present, well logging data are widely used to study the genesis of sedimentary rocks. The article shows the efficiency of using field geophysical data in the study of both lithological and facies variability of terrigenous deposits. In the process of research, data from electrical logging and X-ray logging were used, , on the basis of which the genesis of sandy reservoir bodies was determined.


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