Applying a comprehensive approach to selection of the most effective option for reducing the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions

UDK: 622.692.2
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-9-132-136
Key words: flue gases, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, carbon capture and storage (CCS), technical and economic model, emission rate, capital investments
Authors: V.A. Kolmogorova (TomskNIPIneft JSC, RF, Tomsk), L.A. Smetanina (TomskNIPIneft JSC, RF, Tomsk), A.A. Bulatov (TomskNIPIneft JSC, RF, Tomsk), A.V. Yakovlev (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)

The authors describe a comprehensive approach that allows to select the most effective option for reducing the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions at the conceptual stage of work. This option should ensure the achievement of target indicators of the project carbon intensity. Decisions on surface field infrastructure play a key role in this issue, because they have a direct impact on both the amount of greenhouse gases generated and the composition and cost of carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities. The developed approach is unique and has no analogues in Russian Federation. Using the HIS QUE$TOR software, widely used to assess the economic efficiency of decarbonization projects in oil companies, a technical and economic model of CCS infrastructure was developed. The results of studies of sensitivity of capital investments in CCS facilities to changes in such technological parameters as the carbon dioxide concentration in flue gases, the degree of carbon dioxide recovery, the type of absorber, the degree of drying of carbon dioxide before transport to the subsurface gas reservoir are presented. The impact of flue gas consumption on capital investment in CCS infrastructure was also assessed. The main algorithms were described and the requirements for the functional content of the tool for express assessment and the choice of a method for utilizing carbon dioxide for industrial facilities of oil companies were reflected. The developed approach to choosing a carbon dioxide utilization option makes it possible to take into account the influence of each factor in a comprehensive manner and choose the arrangement option that is characterized by the lowest costs in order to increase the company profit.



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