Advanced development of hard-to-recover reserves using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing

Authors: V.B. Karpov, N.V. Parshin, A.A. Ryazanov (RITEK JSC, RF, Moscow)

Key words: multistage hydraulic fracturing, hard-to-recover reserves, low permeability reservoir, fracture restraining, Vinogradov oil field

As of today, the most relevant direction in improving of development hard-to-recover reserves is horizontal wells drilling with multistage hydraulic fracturing. In this paper we have analyzed the influence of geological and physical reservoir characteristics of the Vinogradov oil field on the technological efficiency of multistage fracturing. We have developed an innovative design for low-permeability and low-thickness reservoirs, without expressed cap rock for restraining fracture height. The method allows creating fractures with a length of about 200 meters with a height restriction. Field trials have confirmed high efficiency of the proposed technology.

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