Formation testers and production logging: a case study from R. Trebs and A. Titov oil fields

Authors: O.E. Kuchurina, A.V. Federov, A.Z. Ziazetdinov (Bashneft-Polus LLC, RF, Ufa), K.D. Shumatbaev, I.R. Bakiev (BashNIPIneft, RF, Ufa)

Key words: production logging, double packer assembly, packer, sidewall contact device, optical analyzer, spectral analyzer, formation fluid, deep samples, formation pressure measurement, pressure gradient, borehole caving, fracturing

The paper presents lessons learned from production logging performed for the Upper and Lower Devonian and Upper Silurian reservoirs, Timan-Pechora Basin. Both in the case of a double packer assembly and sidewall contact device the quality of production logging was largely affected by the wellbore condition. The production logs provided valuable information on the porosity and permeability of the productive formations and their saturation and broadly characterize the reservoir geology of R. Trebs and A. Titov oil fields.
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