Peculiarities of crude oil composition of the Volgograd Volga Region

Authors: S.B. Ostroukhov, E.F. Soboleva, N.D. Soboleva (VolgogradNIPImorneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Volgograd, RF, Volgograd)

Key words: chemical composition of crude oil, the terrigenous Devonian, the carbonate Devonian, saturated paraffinic hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, chromatograms, phytane, pristane, alkylbenzene

The provided results of crude oil composition study feature the productive deposits of the carbonate and terrigenous Devonian within the territory of the Volgograd Volga Region. This made possible dividing of oils into two main groups. The environment of generation of their oil-source material was reconstructed based on the composition and structure of saturated and aromatic compounds.
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