Downhole and rotary sealing devices on the basis of multilayer elastic shells

Authors: V.I. Pyndak (Volgograd State Agriculture University, RF, Volgograd)

Key words: sealing device, elastic shell, pressure, deformation, stress.

The sealing element of downhole sealing device (packer) is divided into three independent vertical shells and possesses high compliance. 3.6 times packer deformation force decrease and multifold reduction in stresses, appearing in this case, is achieved at a pressure drop 50 MPa. The rotary sealing device (revolving preventor) is also developed on the basis of multilayer elastic shells to the pressure 21 MPa.
1. Pyndak V.I., Shcherbin A.V., Efimchenko S.I., Prospective multilayer downhole Hermetic seals for in the complicated conditions (In Russ.), Stroitel'stvo neftyanykh i gazovykh skvazhin na sushe i na more, 2004, no. 12, pp. 13-17.
2. Patent no. 2211912 RF, E21V 33/12, Packer, Inventors: Polikarpov A.D., Pyndak V.I.
3. Polikarpov A.D., Pyndak V.I., Mukhin B.M., Shcherbin A.V., Investigation of the stress-strain state of the sealing element of packer with multilayer elastic shells (In Russ.), Vestnik assotsiatsii burovykh podryadchikov, 2006, no. 4, pp. 38-47.
4. Patent no. 2230176 RF, E21V 33/03, Device for sealing well mouth, Inventors: Polikarpov A.D., Pyndak V.I., Stakhov B.G., Shcherbin A.V.

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