Petrophysical framework for interpretation of Lower Devonian and Upper Silurian heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs: a case study from R. Trebs oil field

Authors: K.D. Shumatbaev, E.K. Gainullina, A.E. Malysheva (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), O.E. Kuchurina (Bashneft-Polus, RF, Ufa), D.E. Emeljanov (Bashneft-Polus JSOC, RF, Ufa)

Key words: dolomites, petrophysical dependences, reservoir properties, core studies, fractures, vugs, intergranular porosity, primary porosity, epigenetic secondary porosity, effective porosity, permeability, residual water saturation, void space.

The paper presents the petrophysical model of the Lower Devonian and Upper Silurian formations reservoirs on R. Trebs field. These oil reservoirs are characterized by a very complex architecture and geometry of the void space, which includes practically all types of voids such as genetic and epigenetic pores, fractures, solution vugs and molds. The main rock physics properties and their dependences are analyzed (porosity, permeability, residual water) for various lithotypes identified in the productive section. The study results are used to identify and validate common trends and patterns for the distribution of the rock physics properties of the reservoir rocks which belong to different lithological units, recommendations are given for the application of the obtained cross-plots for different development targets.
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