Water shut-off technology for injection wells treatment in heterogeneous systems with crossflows

Authors: T.A. Ismagilov, I.R. Magzianov (RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa)
Key words: oil recovery factor, water shut-off, heterogeneous systems, cross-flow.
The paper discusses the principles of water shut-off using flow diverting technologies in premature breakthrough of injected water to the producing wells in the hydrodynamic conditions associated with in-situ reservoir crossflow. It is shown the basic performance requirements of the agents and methods of it’s direct placement to improve impact in these conditions.For a successful application of the technology the agent must be suitable for the requirements of the resistance factor, the time of gel formation and the residual resistance factor. According to the results of the implementation the maximum technological effect can be reached in primary using, relative efficiency of the injection technology is reduced after repeated using without increasing the pumping volume of the agent.
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