Rosneft Vietnam – growing reserves and processing capacity to support Vietnam gas demand

Authors: T.F. Manapov, H.H. Simanjuntak (Rosneft Vietnam, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh)

Key words: multidisciplinary studies, geological uncertainties, reserves progression, petrophysical evaluation, seismic studies, reservoir modelling, production forecast, offshore platform capacity, processing de-bottlenecking.

Power sector consumes the majority of gas production in Vietnam. During the past 11 years of gas and condensate production, Rosneft Vietnam successively increased hydrocarbon reserves and platform processing capacities in order to meet contractual obligations and secure the production until the end of Production Sharing Contract. Gradual reserves progression was achieved due to comprehensively multidisciplinary studies from petrophysical re-evaluation and seismic re-interpretation to recovery factor re-estimation. Continuous reserves progression together with market demand dictated the need of offshore platform processing capacity de-bottlenecking. The paper describes a successful story of several projects implemented to significantly increase platform capacity from its original design. The paper offers several key successful factors for effective enhancement of reserves and production capacity improvement.

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