Lubricant additives to mud fluids - a reserve of trouble-free well drilling

Authors: A.A. Seleznev, A.V. Korenyako, O.L. Zdobnova, R.M. Abdullin (Bursintez-M NPF ZAO), R.R. Lukmanov (KogalymNIPIneft OAO)
The data of laboratory studies on the determination of the friction coefficient in the water-based clay mud fluid with the addition of lubricants and antistuck additives DSB-MGK, DSB-KTM and DSB-M are presented. The maximum reduction in the moment of resistance at introduction of the additives DSB-MGK and DSB-M at bulk concentration of 1-2% is stated. By field testing at Vat-Yeganskoye, Tavlino-Russkinskoye and Druzhnoye fields it is shown that at application of lubricant additives DSB-MGK and DSB-KTM the lubricity of mud fluids makes better, drags  while the drilling tool lifting are reduced. It is noted that the developed lubricant additive DSB-M can be used in the treatment of mud fluids without defoamers.

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