Development and pilot testing of a sucker-rod pump with a movable cylinder

UDK: 622.276.53.054
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-6-95-97
Key words: high-viscosity oil, throughput, sucker-rod pump, movable cylinder, controlled valve
Authors: M.Z. Valitov (Almetyevsk State Oil Institute, RF, Almetyevsk)

Currently, a significant volumes of oil is extracted under complicated conditions, which include a significant slope of the well, as well as the rise of the reservoir medium from horizontal branches and high-viscosity oil. At the same time, a significant part of wells with high-viscosity oil, in order to increase the inflow, are drilled with a horizontal tap. Equipping most wells with sucker-rod pumps and the ability to adjust the length and number of strokes of the polished rod in a wide range allows to use these pumps in complicated conditions. The design features of the sucker-rod pumps such as their limited diameter and the coaxial arrangement of the valves with partial overlap of the valve body passage by the shut-off valve body significantly reduce these pumps throughput. Due to limited weight ball locking body does not always provide a tight overlap of the seat channel, especially when lifting high-viscosity oil and in inclined wells. So, the creation of rod pumps with full-flow valves those ensure the efficient operation of pumps in the environment of high-viscosity oil, as well as installed in inclined and horizontal wells is relevant. The article is considers the design and principle of operation of a rod pump with a movable cylinder and a controlled discharge valve, in which the valves are moved coaxially to the cylinder. In 2019-2021 the proposed sucker-rod pump has successfully passed pilot tests at the Vishnevo-Polyanskoye field of Oil and Gas Production Department Nurlatneft.


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