Testing of new technologies for bottom-hole treatment and water shutoff jobs in Rosneft Oil Company

UDK: 622.276.6
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-6-31-37
Key words: geological and engineering operations, matrix treatment, water shutoff, bottomhole formation, new technologies, horizontal well, oil inflow, water inflow, gas inflow
Authors: S.A. Vakhrushev (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), K.V. Litvinenko (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), A.E. Folomeev (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), V.Yu. Nikulin (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), V.A. Shaydullin (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), I.A. Taipov (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), R.R. Khadimullin (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)

The article is devoted to the implementation of an integrated approach to the process of testing new technologies in the areas of well bottomhole treatment (BWT) and repair and insulation operations (RIW) in Rosneft Oil Company. Implementation of comprehensive approach to optimize the process of selection, testing and implementation of new technologies is described. The authors highlight peculiarities of geological and physical conditions of the productive objects depending on oil and gas bearing province, describe basic technologies of BWT and reservoir treatment, defines the conditions influencing the efficiency of their application. Priority directions of technological development, such as flow enhancement in low-permeable or low-temperature cavernous-cracked carbonate reservoirs, bottomhole treatment of objects confined to hard-to-recover reserves, as well as limitation of water and gas inflow through the productive formation and restoration of casing and cement ring integrity in conditions of long unsealed intervals were formed. Optimized procedure for pilot testing of BTW and RIW technologies is given, it consist of seven main stages from identifying the problem of the basic technology application to replication of the results in the Rosneft Oil Company. Classification of methods of impact on the bottomhole formation zone was also made, a set of necessary research works was determined, standard forms of testing programs were developed, basic criteria and forecast performance indicators were determined, scientific and methodological support of new technologies testing was provided. A number of examples of successful testing of BWT technologies (with chemical flow deviation in heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs, with the use of delayed acid compositions, with the use of modified acid compositions for low-temperature cavernous-cracked carbonate reservoirs, as well as technologies for low-permeability terrigenous reservoirsand) and RIF technologies (limiting water inflow in monolithic terrigenous reservoirs, as well as complex technologies in horizontal wells) are given. The prospects for the development of areas in the Rosneft Oil Company are noted.


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