Localization and recovery strategy of residual reserves the Pashian horizon of the Tuymazinskoye oil field at the final stage of development

UDK: 622.276.1/.4’’712.8’’
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-5-103-107
Key words: oil fields development, Tuimazinskoye oil field, terrigenous deposits, Pashian horizon, reserves recovery, hydraulic fracturing
Authors: V.A. Grishchenko (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), R.F. Yakupov (Bashneft-Dobycha LLC, RF, Ufa), V.Sh. Mukhametshin (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, RF, Ufa), B.M. Mukhamadiev (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), T.V. Pozdnyakova (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), Vyach.E. Trofimov (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa

The article is devoted to the localization of residual reserves in the deposits of the Pashian horizon (the main object of development of the unique Tuymazinskoye field) and the development strategy. The object is at the final stage of development, due to the formed effective development system, it is characterized by high recovery factor. At the same time, because of geological structure heterogeneity the layers of the object differ in the degree of development. The layer D3ps1 has worse filtration and capacitance properties and is more heterogeneous than the layer D3ps2-3. Comprehensive analysis was performed using information about the actual operation of wells, field data, results of field and geophysical studies, results of compaction drilling and geological and hydrodynamic modeling. It was found that the remaining recoverable reserves are localized mainly in the layer D3ps1. Based on the results of field studies and well performance analysis, geological and technical measures were carried out, the success of which confirmed the correctness of the conclusion about the presence of residual reserves in the upper part of the section. Since 2013, 78 hydraulic fracturing operations have been performed, including the introduction of linear gel technology in thin bridges (between the target reservoir and the underlying aquifer, or watered due to efficient production), which allows increasing the number of candidates and intensifying production in the most difficult conditions. Based on the created geological filtration model confirmed and refined the localization of stocks at the square, and the slit formed programme of activities (drilling of wells and sidetracks, hydraulic fracturing, remedial cementing work, the organization of the new waterflooding, differential fix, etc.), the implementation of which will allow us to maintain levels of oil production and increase reserve recovery main object of the development of the unique Tuimazinskoye field.


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