Intellectualization and digitalization for low-permeability gas-condensate reservoirs

UDK: 622.276.6 + 622.276.031:532.5
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-7-108-113
Key words: digital oilfield, digitalization, production enhancement, gas-condensate well monitoring, gas-condensate processing plant
Authors: M.Yu. Petrosov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), A.Yu. Lomukhin (ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL JSC, RF, Novy Urengoy), S.V. Romashkin (ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL JSC, RF, Novy Urengoy), O.Yu. Kulyatin (Peer Review and Technical Development Center LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Successful development of low-permeability gas-condensate reservoirs requires to apply effective digital technologies at the level of reservoir management, surface infrastructure, processing. It is extremely important to harmonize whole the production system in safe and efficient manner. Promptness of taking right decision at proper timing is crucially important here.

According to authors’ and worldwide experience, relaying to scientific knowledge we see good perspectives in intellectualization or implementation of “digital gas field” leading to higher economical effectiveness of business processes. Most effective tools are: intellectual indexing of unstructured information, measurement systems’ self-diagnosis patterns, primary data and models verification, harmonization of integrated models and telemechanic systems, machine e-learning, optimization of technological processes. Successful utilization of these tools allows for true “digitalization of field” and to achieve strong results. The authors give a review of technical solutions necessary for automation and gas field intellectualization. The core asset of ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL (subsidiary company of Rosneft Оil Company) - digital gasfield with high level of data integration is a rare case of such advancements in Russia. The authors propose the concept of data processing and measurement hardware which are now being under development in Rosneft Oil Company on the basis of ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL. Described experience shall be of interest for professionals who are involved in advanced field development planning and operation on gas-condensate fields.


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