Development of combined heat and power system with binary cycle for oil and gas enterprises power supply

UDK: 622.276.012:621.311
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-7-104-106
Key words: electric supply, heat supply, binary cycle, oilfield, combined heat and power, microturbines
Authors: E.L. Leusheva, V.A. Morenov (Saint-Petersburg Mining University, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Problems of oil and gas enterprises combined power supply with no connection to centralized power grid are considered in the article. Comprehensive analysis of electrical and thermal loads of existing oil fields revealed the total efficiency of power plants operation in cogeneration and trigeneration modes to be up to 90%. However, it was also found, that despite high efficiency of combined heat and power operation mode, it is not always possible to completely utilize generated thermal energy. Even when the power plant is run in combined cooling, heat and power mode during summer months, significant amount of produced heat is not used, thus the efficiency of primary energy source conversion declines. To increase efficiency of fuel energy potential use cogeneration complex with binary cycle of electrical and thermal energy production was developed, which consists of two power units - main and auxiliary generators, meant for power supplying of oil and gas facilities in accordance with their charts of electrical loads. Meanwhile considered electrotechnical complex provides an opportunity to use thermal potential of secondary energy carrier remaining after use in a binary cycle for the production of thermal energy if heat supply is necessary. The revealed dependences of electric energy consumption from the parameters of enterprise’s electrical and thermal loads, in accordance with environmental conditions allow defining an energy-efficient mode of petroleum gas use as an energy carrier and low-boiling intermediate medium in the combined cycle of electricity and heat production.

Implementation of cogeneration complex with binary cycle allows raising of electrical efficiency up to 60%, at the same time providing the most complete utilization of the energy carrier energy potential at supplying consumers with electricity and thermal energy according to enterprise’s load charts, while maintaining high efficiency of oil and gas operations power provision during the year.


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